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Why choose Eloquent Barcelona?

Every student has a unique reason for wanting to learn a foreign language and they come to class with their own individual blend of expectations and goals, strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and skills.

For some, learning English is just a hobby and a fun excuse to meet new people and socialise whilst practising and developing a useful skill. For others, they have already reached a level that they are happy with and just want to maintain and strengthen it in order to broaden their horizons and improve their CV in a general sense. There are also those who need to develop their English for a specific purpose and are working towards an objective within a set time-frame.

Here at Eloquent Barcelona, rather than putting the course material and exam system at the centre of our planning, we’ve designed our courses around WHY students choose to sign up for English classes. Therefore, instead of offering a full range of courses from beginners’ level to proficiency as a traditional language academy might, we’ve focussed on the kinds of students who are looking for something a little different.

The classes are designed to be enjoyable and effective and focus on interesting subject matters and skill-based activities using a wide range of materials.

reduced Class sizes

We believe that an absolutely crucial ingredient to success when learning a language is to have ample opportunity to speak up and be heard! (and when necessary, corrected). Therefore, we drastically limit our class sizes in order to be able to give each student the personal attention that they need and deserve. We are also aware that many students have very busy schedules and perhaps don’t have as much time to dedicate to studying English as they may like.  Therefore by offering small class sizes we are able to help accelerate the learning process, allowing the students to progress more quickly than they would studying for more hours in larger groups.

All of the English language sessions are taught by Anna 

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