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Use it or lose it!

As anyone who has ever studied a foreign language is sure to agree, the old adage “use it or lose it!” very much applies when talking about language skills.

The Eloquent English Conversation Club sessions are aimed at adults who have already reached a certain level of fluency in English and want to maintain and develop their level by practising on a regular basis. These sessions are particularly designed for people who don’t want to sign up to a formal language academy course but are looking for something more structured, challenging and productive than your average intercambio/language exchange.

English conversation club

As the name suggest, the sessions will cover a wide range of topics including global issues, current affairs, travel, culture, the arts, technology, science, the environment, philosophy etc…

Each session will focus on a specific topic and the discussion will be based on a series of questions or the analysis of an article, video or audio clip. As well as encouraging the students to develop their speaking skills, the sessions will also focus on broadening their vocabularly including idioms and expressions and recognising and understanding cultural references, whilst correcting and refining the students’ use of grammatical structures.

Level 1:

For students who have reached an equivalent level of first certificate or advanced (B1 & B2)

level 2:

For students who have reached an equivalent level of advanced or proficiency (C1 & C2)

If you are unsure of which level would be most appropriate for you, please contact us to organise a visit for a coffee and a chat and we can advise you.

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